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What to Bring

Off the water it's Keys Casual all the time, but on the water you need proper attire!

The sun in South Florida is always a concern, but proper clothing will protect your skin and prevent sunburn. Most lightweight clothing works well and drys quickly. An all-weather Gore-tex jacket for rain and windy conditions is an item that doesn't weigh much and can save your day. Trips during the winter months may find you on the water in conditions where you will want a lightweight fleece.

A hat is a must, and ones that work well are those with a dark underside on the brim. Next is polarized sunglasses - they reduce the glare from both the sun and the water. Expensive sunglasses are nice to have but you don't need to spend a lot of money to own a good pair. Flying Fisherman has a good product that is both affordable and provides the polarization you will want while you're on the flats.

Many clients also bring sungloves and a face protector. Don't forget your camera, lunch, and some bottled water! If you do forget to bring something - don't worry - almost anything can be purchased locally.

Depending on the trip you plan, you might need another thing or two. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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